Bunny Buns

“Run rabbit run, as fast as you can. Don’t look back.”

The Easter Bunny 🐰 wishes you a Happy Easter! Isn’t he cute with his little floppy ear? The dough is my cardamom & cinnamon bun recipe with pearl nib sugar and vanilla glaze on top.

The actual shaping took some practice to do – but got there in the end.

Roll your dough out and add the cinnamon paste. Make sure you get it really evenly spread out.

Then fold one side towards you so you end up with a rectangular envelope. Then cut stripes about a thumb width (depending on how big you’d like your bunnies to be!).

The hold the strip in both hands, make a loop and then twist the top part. So effectively you have the body of the bunny (the loop) and the ears. Press down gently on the ears so they don’t rise too much and loose it’s shape when baking.

Bunny Cinnamon Buns

Like I said though, you might have to do a few practice ones. Also make sure you leave some dough for the little bunny tails.

I added some Pearl nib sugar on the “tails” but this is optional of course.

Once baked add your glaze whilst the buns are warm, cool and enjoy!

A few of my earlier attempts… 😆

Jess ❤️